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Island SunsetFrontenac Islands was formed in 1998 by the amalgamation of two of Ontario's oldest rural municipalities: Howe Island and Wolfe Island. Both islands can trace their European roots back to New France, but it was only in the years after the War of 1812 that settlement took place in any numbers.

The islands are named after two of Britain's generals from the time period of the Seven Year's War: James Wolfe (d. Sept 13, 1759) and William Howe (d. 1814), a subordinate of Wolfe's at the Plains Of Abraham and later Commander-in-Chief of British troops in North America during the American Revolution. The islands' current names first appeared on a map in 1818 when Captain William Fitzwilliam Owen of the Royal Navy conducted a naval survey of the 1,000 Islands.

Today, the islands have a mixture of agricultural and rural lifestyles with a growing proportion of residents working off the islands in Kingston or elsewhere in Frontenac County.

The islands, situated as they are at the beginning of the St. Lawrence River, provide a unique location to live and work. Access to the mainland is by boat: both islands are serviced by ferries year-round with the addition of a seasonal ferry to the USA from Wolfe Island from May to November.

Council Meeting - November 10

The Township of Frontenac Islands will hold a regular meeting of Council on Tuesday, November 10, 2014 6:30 p.m. to be held at the Wolfe Island Municipal Office.

Darlene Plumley, CAO/Clerk

Agenda - Part 1
Agenda - Part 2
Agenda - Part 3
Agenda - Part 4

Notice to Users of the Wolfe Island Ferry Service

Changes to the policy regarding the carriage of Dangerous Goods

The federal Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act requires that dangerous goods in bulk quantities may only be transported to and from Wolfe Island on designated Dangerous Goods trips.
On these voyages no passengers other than the operators of the mobile units carrying the dangerous goods will be permitted aboard the ferry.

As a result, MTO’s policy has changed:

Beginning Tuesday, October 28, 2014 the dangerous goods trips will return to the following,
Tuesdays and Thursdays from Kingston at 06:15 A.M.
Tuesdays from Wolfe Island at 2:30 P.M. and Thursdays from Wolfe Island at 11:00 A.M.

Please note that on regular trips, small quantities of substances classed as dangerous goods may be carried in compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations:.

Approved spare containers of gasoline are permitted on our ferries, but
only in limited amounts. The containers cannot exceed 25L.
Each vehicle, including any trailer being towed by the vehicle, is allowed a maximum of 100L in 4 separate 25 L containers• Foot passengers are not allowed to carry gasoline on board.

Personal medical oxygen is permitted; however, these cylinders may not exceed 5L water capacity. Cylinders that are not in a portable unit must be secured within the transport vehicle.

  • Service vehicles may carry up to 110 lb (50kg) .

Propane valves must be closed and the cylinders must be upright and firmly secured, to prevent tipping.

  • Service repair vehicles may carry one 100 lb (45 kg) cylinder.

  • RVs are permitted a maximum of two cylinders of not more than 60 lb ( 27 kg) each, provided they are connected to a regulator, and secured in or on the vehicle. Vehicles towing recreational vehicles may carry a third cylinder no larger than 30 lbs (14 kg)for BBQ needs.
  • Passenger vehicles are permitted to carry two cylinders not to exceed 30 lbs (14 kg) each.

For questions about the policy and other products, please refer to Transport Canada Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations prior to contacting the ferry terminal (613 548 7227) in advance to determine their acceptability for carriage aboard the ferry

2014 Election Results - Unofficial

Attached is the unofficial results.

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